Orphan Life Insurance Policies Servicing

Orphan Life Insurance Policies Servicing

Orphan Life Insurance Policies – What you can do?

Becoming a part of the orphan life insurance policies is the last thing I personally would want to happen with my own life insurance policies.

And I guess some Filipinos would like to know more about what they can do about their orphaned Sun Life policy.

There can be many circumstances as to why a policyholder was unable to continue the premium. And much to get for solutions, are also the hassle to look for a servicing financial advisor.

I am happy to receive a request from an OFW from Canada who personally dropped by and asked how he can continue the best options for his Sun Life Insurance Policy.

orphan life insurance policies servicing online

Approved orphan Sun Life insurance policy Online servicing

Here are some facts:

Did you know that you don’t need a copy of your policy (e-copy or hardcopy) to process claims, but you would need the help of a licensed financial advisor to assist you with your claims?

The same procedures shall be requested to look for a licensed financial advisor when you personally visit the nearest Sun Life ISO Offices. 

Why do you need a financial advisor as your partner for life?

In having a life Insurance policy, whether you have started a:

Below are some important reasons why you will need a constant partner to assist you with the following:

    • updates/changes on the beneficiaries

    • fund switching in fixing your investment portfolios

    • withdrawals from your fund value or accumulation of endowments, dividends, and bonuses from passive income of your life insurance polices

    • to update the life insurance riders

    • processing claims

      …and many more!

What’s best is that these processes can be done online as long as the policyholder (and parties) are within the country.

Looking for a servicing Sun Life Financial Advisor? I am happy and I feel that it is even more fulfilling to receive policyholders requesting help to assist them with their orphan policies.

Servicing an orphan policy is free and can be done online. Chat with us now

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